Brad Pitt wants to have a boy

That’s what Page Six reported yesterday from their super secret “inside sources”. Why is this important? Well it’s not. Nothing is, really.

What’s interesting is their same source (rolling my eyes) reported that Angelina Jolie wants to adopt and wants to leave her womb unburdened of Pitt’s semen. Why? Well she wants to be in a damn movie sometime soon!

It’s that old feminist dilemma: should I be bound to the man permanently by carrying his child for 9 months and then having him take care of me OR should I focus on my career in a male-dominated world, making my money off my looks and very vaguely off my real talent. Well I don’t mean that this is every woman’s dilemma, I mean this is Jolie’s dilemma.

Either way, Angelina want to adopt, but Pitt wants an offspring from his loins. Hrrumpfh says I. Apparently neither one of you have heard of sperm donation or surrogate fertilization. I suggest Jennifer Aniston as the surrogate parent to Pitt’s sperm and Jolie’s egg. That would be freaking awesome! Imagine the gossip, the yelling, the … Sheer ecstacy of it all! And remember, I copyrighted this idea, so if Pitt and Jolie ever decide to do as I suggested, tell them I want major royalties.

3 responses to “Brad Pitt wants to have a boy”

  1. jenna ali says :

    I think that page six is a rag and will print anything to get readers most of their info are usually incorrect. The main stream enterainment last night said that Brad and Anj and kids are now in india where brad is taking over diaper duties while anj do her filming for A Mighty Heart. Just because they do not put out their info and try to grab attention like kate and tom who seems like they have something to hide they go out of their way for publicity hores does not mean that brad and anj want everyone in their business. For goddness sake they have three children two are still babies and i am sure another kid is the last thing on their mind with their busy schedules. come on people get a grip and a life and stop trying to make up things because you are not selling enough of paper or gossip rags

  2. megan says :

    Does Brad Pitt have a secret?

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