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Nick Stahl Missing

Nick Stahl Missing

Nick Stahl of Terminator has been declared missing by his wife.

Apparently he’s been known to visit Los Angeles’ skid row and now he hasn’t come home.

Another John Travolta gay sex allegation

Man. Travolta better start answering some kind of questions! I mean, I defended him at first. But this is the third man to accuse him of coming on to him!

The alleged event occurred during a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2009.

According to the Chilean national (who was a cruise employee at the time): Travolta disrobed, hugged him, and asked for a massage. Then proposed sex in exchange for $12,000!

Hm. John Travolta, I have to say. Why don’t you just come out? Are afraid to embarrass scientology and their gay cures? This is the 21st century. Your acting career is suffering more from Scientology than it is from you being gay. Come on!


Awesome Kim Kardashian imdb bio!

Awesome Kim Kardashian imdb bio! (click)

This profile is too good! This IMDB profile was up for a little bit before being mysteriously removed. Not sure about whether lawyers did this or they paid IMDB, but I’m sure about the awesomeness of this writeup.

See the link for all the glorious lambasting. But here are some snippets!

  • “Kim Kardashian is emblematic of the shallowness of American culture”
  • “famous for being famous”
  • “[released] a sex tape and the canny exploitation of the resulting publicity”
  • “short of any other discernible talents outside of the bedroom”

Hah! I’ve read it a few times and I’m thinking… This writeup took all my good words.

P.S.: Save the screenshot in case it is taken down.

A Jonas brother gets a reality show, and young, sweet, sweet love

Oh swoon. Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are getting their own E! reality show. Oh sweet excitement. Apparently it will cover all those things we have been dying to learn about their young, puppy love. We will find out just how the young bride handles her new fame, being married to a pop ‘star’ and all.

Of course, it wont make the Jonas brothers or Kevin Jonas relevant. I am so, so excited to see what these two have to offer to the world. What could these two possibly have to share? Their eyebrow waxing secrets? Bible lessons on how to stay ‘pure’ until your wedding night? I am positively excited. Just look at that bow tie and all the possibilities it holds.

Beyonce surrogate scandal continues

Before a baby Beyonce and Jay-Z graced us with its presence, it was suggested that Blue Ivy Carter was carried via surrogate. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, however, Beyonce and her family has vehemently denied these claims. Here is the video in question that led to this accusation (skip to the 0:56 sec mark):


You can’t deny how odd this video looks. What could have possibly created that effect? How is it possible for your belly to suddenly look ‘deflated’ and then sort of ‘reshape’ itself again. She did have an overall chub to match her so-called ‘pregnancy’, if that is what we are to believe that it was. Why would she lie about surrogacy if she did in fact choose that route? Why be ashamed? I don’t understand why this would be a problem. And this is why lying about it seems so odd.

Could admitting surrogacy possibly tarnish a carefully devised public image? Would this ruin a marketing strategy? Read More…

Isaiah Washington temper tantrums (might get fired)

Isaiah WashingtonIt’s funny, because once you’ve choked and threatened someone on the set of a famous TV show, you can’t seem to get a break. More stuff has been coming out lately about Isaiah Washington’s (apparently) notorious temper, since the incident on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

There are reports that there was an incident during the shooting of a tv show for showtime (5 years ago), Dempsey grabbed the actress on whom he was supposed to plant a superficial kiss, and basically put his entire tongue in her mouth. When the actress protested, he harangued and attacked her verbally, and when the executive producer came to her aid, Washington totally flipped out on her too.

Read More…

Tara Reid admits to botched plastic surgery

Tara Reid US Weekly CoverYeah I know this is an old story but I have to mention it.

Tara Reid came out to US Weekly with tales of plastic surgery woe! She told the magazine that she underwent reconstructive surgery as late as a month ago to repair surgery that she received in 2004 for breast implants and liposuction.

She got the implants done the first time because her breasts were uneven (according to her). What was her problem with the surgery?