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Fergie Ferguson more drug use confessions

In Rolling Stone’s Hot List issue she said that in order to explain her weight loss from drug abuse, she told her family she had builimia! And all the money she got from acting while still in her early teens, she spent on coke. From coke she graduated to Crystal Meth:

 …I graduated to crystal, and it started being more about going to
Home Depot at 4 in the morning and getting crafty at home

South Park and LSD

I always knew it. This is what happens with being a depressed teenager in American suburbia. You do Acid.

What am I talking about? Page Six reports that the two creators of South Park (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) have admitted to dropping LSD while preparing to go on the red carpet for the 2000 Oscars. You might recall that that is the same event for which they dressed up in drag.

The moral of this story? Don’t invite overgrown teenagers to adult events, nevermind how many other Acid- and Pot- heads watch their stupid 2-dimensional show.

PeeWee’s drug spot

This is hilarious:

Apparently PeeWee Herman had to film this spot as part of his plea deal for indecent exposure 15 years ago. I mean, the more he tries to be serious the funnier it is! A guy with lipstick on and mascara lecturing me about crack use. Listen man: Take care, brush your hair!

Fergie Ferguson is hot

Fergie FergusonI say this after all the recent hubbub sorrounding Fergie’s new record. Recently we found out that she used to be a Crystal Meth addict and that she would like to occasionally play for the other team (revealing a depressing attraction to Dita Von Teese — why couldn’t she pick like Uma Thurman or perhaps Angelina Jolie?)

So to begin with, in the looks department I would give her a 6.5. This mainly has to do with the fact that she is kinda mannish looking. You got that strong chin, those muscular legs, and the broad shoulders… It’s almost scary. But still she’s kind of hot even with all the baggage.

She doesn’t have the figure of a celebrity, since despite all the dancing and hopping around she still has a bit of a gut and she’s way muscular. I’m sure that she’s not fat. She just doesn’t have the waifish physique of Paris The Attention Seeking Skank Hilton. That’s +2 points for that. Then she’s a dancer which earns another +0.5.

Her revelation about lesbianism earns her a +3.0, but the revelation about Dita Von Teese earns her a -1.0, for a total of +2.0 in the lesbianism department.

And finally, for being real about her drug addiction — speaking frankly and then cautioning others (especially kids) about the evils of the whole drug culture — she gets a +3.5 for being a positive celebrity role model (within reason of course: I’m not a big fan of that recent record); the most important thing is that she speaks out and speaks frankly. That is what the 3.5 is for.

Anyways, so to sum it up we have 6.5 + 2.0 + 0.5 + 2.0 + 3.5 = 14.5 out of 10 which makes her officially a hottie!