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Heidi Klum for Hunger TV showing off her toned body

Here’s Heidi Klum dialing up the sex for a music video that shows off her great 40 year old body that has given birth to 4 children. Yes I realize that she is a supermodel, but dang I should watch this as inspiration to get my butt of the couch and walk an extra 20 minutes in my workout later tonight.

I actually kind of enjoy this video. One thing I enjoy more, are the comments made by the mini-van majority on about Heidi in this video. Apparently acting in videos, and being sexy at age 40 means that you are a bad mother. So grab some popcorn and have some fun reading the comment section filled with women that take their lives far too seriously.

Another John Travolta gay sex allegation

Man. Travolta better start answering some kind of questions! I mean, I defended him at first. But this is the third man to accuse him of coming on to him!

The alleged event occurred during a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2009.

According to the Chilean national (who was a cruise employee at the time): Travolta disrobed, hugged him, and asked for a massage. Then proposed sex in exchange for $12,000!

Hm. John Travolta, I have to say. Why don’t you just come out? Are afraid to embarrass scientology and their gay cures? This is the 21st century. Your acting career is suffering more from Scientology than it is from you being gay. Come on!