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Hyde Club strikes again

TMZ reports that this time the Hyde Club has enied access to Bobby Brown!

Wow. This place must REALLY be happening, because there is no way that any other place in the country would dare to deny access to that man: he is a genuine legend. If it’s not for his wild and wacky relationship with Whitney Houston, then it’s for his lack of child support payments for some of his kids (for which he has a warrant issued against him), then it is at least for the fact that he is a music legend.

But not the Hyde, no sir! They don’t go in for those measly music-legend celebrities. Give the Hyde promiscous Paris Hilton or give it nothing at all.

More Paris Hilton knock-out details

According to new information (following on the heels of my earlier entry), Shanna Moakler struck Paris with a closed fist until she was restrained by bystanders, while Paris was ushered out.

Both Moakler and Hilton filed police reports. What was Moakler’s police report? She alleges that Hilton’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos poured a drink over her head and then pushed her down the stairs. The fight apparently started over the unconfirmed rumours of Hilton making out with Moakler husband Travis Barker (though Moakler seems to be separated from him or something).

Gossips also allege that Moakler left some kind of messages on Hilton’s machine.

Ooh cat fights 🙂 They are so very hot.

The Hyde Club is where it’s at

Well at least for the next few months, until Angelina Jolie dumps Brad and starts going out again. That’s when everyone will flock to whichever outhouse she’ll be frequenting.

But for now, it looks like the place to frequent is the Hyde Club. See my earlier entry about Paris Hilton getting punched out there.

How do I know this? How do I know that this is the most popular place for celebrities this side of Bollywood? Well simply by the names and numbers of celebs being denied access there. Even for D-List celebs the likes of Chyna Doll, Tara Reid, and Brandon Davis, most night clubs would give an arm, a leg, and their firstborn child.

But no! Not the Hyde! They don’t just let anyone in! I will use the Hyde Club as my Sieve of Eratosthenes to find out exactly which celebrities have finally slipped off below the D-List and which are still floating in the quagmire above.

So for instance, the other night (when Tara Reid got kicked out) Lane Garrison of Prison Break fame got in. The cast of Lost got in. That is D-List.

Poor Tara Reid has slipped right off. Time to get another job Tara. What about Walmart, where their line of inexpensive but classy perfume will turn your current hobby, of dressing up and pretending to go out to clubs, a profession!

Paris Hilton punched out

Paris HiltonYep. She was punched out last night at the Hyde Lounge. I keep hearing the name of this place in reference to all the celebrities. It’s the pile of poo that brings the flies. The owner must be a very happy man indeed.

Yeah so, who punched out Paris? It was some chick I’ve never even heard of. Shanna Moakler. The police reports filed and all the gossips are saying that Moakler just came up to Hilton, swore at her for a few moments and then clocked her right in the face!

So what is the fight over? Supposedly, Moakler accused Hilton of having too many things to do with Moakler’s husband Travis Barker. Travis Barker is some rocker guy. All Z-List celebs of course.

Hilton had been seen together with Travis Barker, recently: making out. Or so the gossips say. Moakler is “estranged” from her husband (gossips again).

Shanna MoaklerThe interesting thing is that Moakler will probably become a celebrity in her own right after this incident. It’s a cool new way to get fame. Poo rubs off on you in all sorts of ways, I guess.

What makes Moakler famous, other than her marriage to Travis Barker? She was a Miss December 2001 for Playboy. And there were some beauty pageants too.

Look for Moakler to be in every magazine quite soon and on Dancing With the Stars in about 3 months.

Some other intersting facts: she has 3 kids. 2 by Barker, and 1 by boxer Oscar de la Hoya. She’s 31.

Nothing else to report.