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Katie Holmes marriage second thoughts?

The tabloids are awash with stuff about the soon-to-be Tom Cruise and Holmes marriage. They speak about lavish affairs and events at the Scientology Centre in LA. But there have been some rumblings lately about Katie Holmes not being so pleased with all the attention that she’s getting from Cruise’s inner circle.

What’s the problem you ask? Well it’s just a little matter of Tom Cruise being part of a cult… Oops sorry — I meant a religion. Called scientology. I’m sure you know this, but did you know that all of the scripts that Katie Holmes is considering have to go through the hands of the elders of the Church of Scientology? So anything she does basically has to be approved by the “church”. Hm. Well. The Sunday Mirror (in the UK) had a quote of Katie speaking to a woman who visited her home:

I don ‘t have my own life any more. I’m not comfortable.

I feel really sorry for Katie. She’s already had his kid so she’s sort of in a bind about leaving him, and now she’s reconsidering marriage. Guess what Katie? It’s not too late. Run! Run like the wind! Run faster than the wind and take the baby too! He’s insane. Thank you.