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Dina Lohan is out of hand

She’s in talks with E! to do a show where she is going to reveal how she pushed Lindsay Lohan into the unhappy life of drug-abusing stardom. She’s going to reveal this by repeating the trick on her two younger kids (barely teenagers).

That’s what the show is about!

This, and the Iraq War are totally making me think America is the new Babel.

Lindsay Lohan broken wrist

Yep. Lindsay was rushed to hospital for a wrist broken in 2 places. And despite the much bally-hooed public fight that Lindsay and her mom (Dina Lohan) had on mom’s birthday at a restaurant, mom immediately rushed out to be with Lindsay in her time of pain. After all, you don’t throw bags of money out the window, just because those bags of money told you they hate you and told you to go to hell.

Anyways. I’m sure Lindsay will be alright, even though Harry Morton’s engagement ring will be looking rather shabby in the foreground of a large cast. Oh yes, apparently there are rumblings about that too. Strangely from mom.