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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker back on?

There is talk that Longoria has been sighted at the exhibition games of Parker’s basketball team and they have been seeen together. On or off, Longoria? On or off?

I’m not planning to date an attached woman. Don’t try to have your cake and eat it too.

Eva Longoria single?

Eva Longoria black dressPeople reported yesterday that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split up. Because of distance they said. And that the break up was “amicable”.

Whatever. You didn’t need that bum, Eva. I’d like to propose my candidacy for your next boyfriend. My credentials? I’m a himbo just like every other man you dated. And if you support me financially, I can spend the rest of my days putting in 10 hours a day at the gym to turn my beer belly into a washboard stomach. Come on Eva. I am very motivated to become a celebrity’s himbo. I know what to do and how to act, and I will never ever write a book or talk to the media! Consider it, please.