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Trump Vodka making its debut

Donald Trump has unveiled his own brand of vodka, having this to say about the brew:

Trump Vodka will be a major player in the vodka arena – it’s a superb product and it’s beautifully packaged…

Have some shame Donald. If it’s not shame for such shameless self-promotion then at least shame for selling anything with a scent of your own brewed sweat and semen. At least that is what it must be brewed from, since how else can you get the essence of the Donald into every bottle?

Brad and Angelina starting their own foundation

They decided to forego the middle man and do it all themselves. So they have made a little starter found of $2 mil. and I bet are going to be cruising the world asking others for donations.

There are a lot worse pastimes to have and few better ones.

Leonardo DiCpario keeps it green

I really like this guy.

A statement like that for the former heart-throb might put my heterosexuality into question, so let me defend myself by stating that I spent about 4 hours in a strip club last night paying for over-priced beer and vodka shots while staring at girls who had nothing but utter disdain for me, in the company of about 200 other men. Hm. That didn’t seem to work that well to prove my straight-ness.

Ok ok. Let me explain then why I like him: First he’s a good actor. There’s no way to get around it. He’s really good. Titanic sucked, but he was good in it. The Aviator movie was carrier by him (the one about that rich dude who makes movies with the urine and the OCD and all that).

Second, there was a report in New York Daily News about DiCaprio arriving at an after party for some movie premiere in a Toyota Prius. A hybrid car. Why is this important? Because he didn’t choose a limo or one of those H2 Hummer monstrosities that Jay-Z and Beyonce like to arrive in. He went with his conscience and rode a hybrid. Well who knows if this is true. Maybe he just had no other ride, but if that’s not the case and he CHOSE the hybrid, then cudos to him.