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Another John Travolta gay sex allegation

Man. Travolta better start answering some kind of questions! I mean, I defended him at first. But this is the third man to accuse him of coming on to him!

The alleged event occurred during a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2009.

According to the Chilean national (who was a cruise employee at the time): Travolta disrobed, hugged him, and asked for a massage. Then proposed sex in exchange for $12,000!

Hm. John Travolta, I have to say. Why don’t you just come out? Are afraid to embarrass scientology and their gay cures? This is the 21st century. Your acting career is suffering more from Scientology than it is from you being gay. Come on!


John Travolta loves* gay sex

This is obviously nothing new. We’ve all heard the rumours. And now the rumours are starting to come true.

John Travolta is in hot water, as he’s been accused by two men of sexual assault and battery. Apparently two men, both masseurs, have claimed that John presented unwelcome attention while they were simply trying to do their job. Funny business was had, and both men were accosted (sexually?). As this was not to their liking, they are currently underway with a lawsuit against Mr. Travolta.

Interesting I would say. I wonder if this would be happening if John wasn’t rich and famous. But of course it wouldn’t, silly me.

It must all be very tiring for him. How ever does he go on living lies every day, pretending to be someone he’s not (bah! He’s an actor you say????)? If he’s gay (or bi?), why not just come out with it already? It’s really not a big deal, though he is making celebrity gossip all the more exciting with his continual denials. And we all could use a little extra attention from time to time, though most of us probably don’t go around accosting masseurs for that much needed attention. Mr. Travolta should really try being more discreet with his needs.

Just look at that sexy beast.


John Travolta gay stuff

I haven’t really been paying attention to the John Travolta gay controversy, partly because who cares and partly because who didn’t know from those crazy gay movies with the finger snapping and the hair curling and the really tight jeans. Come the f*ck on!

However, all this was mere suspicion for all of us until the infamous pictures came out last week:

Gay Travolta kissing a guy

And THEN I stumbled on this wikipedia entry on Travolta, where it mentioned some very interesting things. 1) John Travolta was sued by a former Scientologist because he was promised that Scientology would change his sexual orientation (how wonderful is that?) and that Scientology was constantly citing Travolta as an example of a Sexual Orientation Conversion!! 2) Travolta’s marriage to Kelly Preston was rumoured to be a sham in 1982 after pornographer/director Paul Barresi claimed to have had a gay affair with Travolta (thought he claim was later retracted).

Anyways. What do we learn from all this? Scientology cannot “cure” homosexuality. Stop hiding Travolta and why don’t you give your friend Tom Cruise a call. Just to say hi that’s all.

Fat John Travolta

John Travolta gave a newspaper interview in which he said that he loves his love handles and a jelly roll or two, but he doesn’t mind and his wife loves it.

This is a tiny little gossip thing, so who cares, right? Well no! You won’t get away with it Travolta!

You’re fat, and it’s not that you love your fat, it’s that you’re lazy. You’re a lazy scientologist that can’t get off your fat ass long enough to get to a real airport when you need to travel, so you had to build an airport right on your own property and to fly your own airplane (probably because you’re too fat to fit into a regular seat).

Movie viewers & your fans expect just ONE THING from you. Stay good looking. That is why they pay so much money for various crap you put out — because you are good (or WERE) good to look at. So how much of a traitorous bastard you are now to say that you can stay fat and you don’t care who knows it. You summinabitch! Cut out the bacon and pancakes fatso.