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Jessica Simpson speaks out on divorce with Nick Lachey

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson spoke to People magazine earlier this week about her breakup with Lachey. It turns out that the reason she got divorced it’s because she was TOO charitable and he wasn’t charitable enough.

Apparently, on a trip to Kenya (during which Nick stayed home) she realized that she needed to go it alone. I guess she didn’t find Nick Lachey charitable enough. And sure in that blonde bimbo’s mind she’s probably Mother Teresa, but you know what she went to Kenya for? She went there as part ofOperation Smile! An organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery! Plastic surgery! Can you imagine?

Plastic surgery! Now before you go off on me, I realize that there are probably disfigured and maimed children that might need work like that. So of course the charity is above board, but think about the mindset of Idiot Jessica Simpson when she picks THAT charity above any other to work for! Like how shallow do you have to be, to go and hand out gifts to children and put your time in with this organization when there are millions of starving children in Africa! And how about spending a buck or two to help them?

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More interesting things about Nick Lachey

The National Enquirer reports that, according to Vanessa Minnillo’s friends, Vanessa would not want to marry Nick. She’s interested in jocks. Had a real crush on Derek Jeter at one point and, according the same friends, does not find Lachey sporty enough.

Well if you want to check out my earlier entry about Nick Lachey’s gay picture, you will be able to see for yourself how jock-y he is.

Vanessa Minnillo is too hot to waste her time pining away for straight guys. Some straight man should pick her up: maybe Edward Norton or George W. Bush. Let Nick Lachey move in with Ryan Seacrest. Let the world’s metrosexual unite!

Nick Lachey gay picture

Fruity Nick LacheyI found this picture while browsing the People Magazine website. Now I’m not saying that he’s gay. But like come on. Look at the way he’s holding that bagel or wtvr it is he’s eating and that fresh and clean shaven look. I’m surprised that Perez Hilton hasn’t descended on this. I mean Perez Hilton is one of those gay guys that thinks everyone else is gay simply because the man is gay himself.

However, the picture is very iffy. I’m talking very iffy. I dunno. Look at that pinky up in the air.

But the man IS dating Vanessa Minnillo so what can I say? I don’t know. I just thought I’d post this picture.

Vanessa Minnillo isn’t as hot as she used to be

What happened in the 3 weeks since I last posted my blog entry about her being hot, you ask? Well she has come out with the following classic line in October’s issue of Maxim magazine:

I can’t wait to be pregnant. Everyone has to be nice to you.

Riiiiiiight, well I’m sure Nick Lachey really wants to know that. It’s good that she’s come out with it right now. First he dated that blonde bimbo Jessica Simpson, now he’s dating some kind of weird, schizophrenic girl that wants his seed. At least they were both to look at. I still think that he was the luckiest man on Earth.

Jessica Simpson is worth how much!?

Today it was announced that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson will be dividing her fortune. Not equally, but above the $1.5 million she offered him initially. However, I was deeply disturbed to find out that Jessica Simpson’s estate was only worth $36 million!

I would think that with all the ass-shaking and concerts and hair-product lines and perfumes she would be at least worth a cool $150 million!! But no. Only a measly $36 mil… 😦 That’s sad.

Nick isn’t going to get exactly half according to sources, but he will get more than the initial offer of $1.5 million.

Apparently the $1.5 million was proposed by Simpson’s dad who didn’t think that Lachey would fight the offer, but fight the offer he did (Lachey). And screw the dad, what does he think? That it’s easy to be a himbo?? No!

And Lachey isn’t doing too badly for himself, I recently stumbled some pictures online of him and his new girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, follow this link (but beware it’s 18+).