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Steve Irwin’s fans are stupid

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Steve Irwin. He was the greatest guy in the world. Really a healthy sort of guy who tried really hard to bring conservationism and a spirit of caring for the world’s animals into the dull little lives of the current TV-and-Internet generation (myself included).

But apparently all of his life’s work was wasted, because now (approximately a week after his death from a stingray attack) around a dozen stingrays have turned up dead on the beaches of Australia.

It is revenge you see. By fans of a man who tried to save stingrays; it is revenge AGAINST actual stingrays! Nevermind that Irwin himself was looking for trouble when he accosted the stingray that killed him. Nevermind that the stingrays are poisonous for precisely defensive reasons. Nevermind that they are just animals. Nevermind that the stingrays that have died were NOT the stingray that poisoned Irwin.

Nevermind all that. It is just a sad testament to Irwin’s life, that all he strove to do — educate people, teach them to love and respect animals — was wasted on a bunch of stupid, mouth-breathing, boob-tube-watching, idiots.

I hate humanity sometimes. Well, quite often actually.