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Victoria Beckham — a miracle

Victoria Beckham is really skinnyVictoria Beckham is a real piece of work. Look at this picture. How is she keeping upright? I’ll tell you how: with a mixture of prescription narcotics and a lot of starch in her clothes.

Or perhaps if they took that clothes hanger from out behind of her back, she would fall right down.

The point is: she is really really skinny. Like… How does a mother of 2 and a wife of a gillionaire keep her figure in that shape? Vomiting? Liposuction? We would’ve heard. It must be some new fangled celebrity diet. Lysol and grape seeds. No. Scratch the grape seeds. They probably have calories. How about Lysol… And… Bits of carpeting that have cat hair in them. No. Cat hair has calories.

I don’t know. But whatever she’s doing is working a little too well. She looks like a male teenager from Thailand.

And please don’t say “oh Celebfan, but she looks sexy in that picture!” NO! If you put high heels and a tight top with a push-up bra on a teenager from Thailand, you would see exactly the same thing.

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