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50 cent busted for illegal lane change

This is sorta old news, but 50 was pulled over 2 days ago for making an illegal lane change on a Manhattan street. Later on cops found out that the car wasn’t registered in the state of New York, that he was driving uninsured, and that his license is expired. Of course, those are legitimate reasons to pull him over, but they didn’t know this BEFORE they pulled him over.

All that these cops in an unmarked vehicle saw was a black guy driving a Lamborghini and decided to pull him over. You know that this is what cops do if they find you suspicious they will wait and wait and finally hopefully catch you at the slightest, most insignificant infraction. Now usually, I love the police — I usually think that they do great work and are underpaid.

50 cent getting arrestedBut not in this case. To those cops that pulled 50 over, I would say: what? You can’t see a black guy in a nice car? He must’ve done something wrong? Shame on you “officer”. I put it in quotes because that’s just disgusting. You can see from the photo below that the arresting cop is white (plainclothes).