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Brad Pitt trying to do good works

A celeb mag is reporting that apparently Brad Pitt is actively trying to reconcile Angelina Jolie and John Voigt. He went so far as to arrange a meeting between the two, that is until Jolie punched him in the face and kicked him in the crotch a couple of times. Well, no. I don’t know. But the meeting never took place so you KNOW that she really didn’t appreciate any of THAT action.

This follows directly on the steps of John Voigt’s public faux pas where he tried to send a shout out to his adopted grandchildren. Now if there’s anything more pathetic and creepy than a terrible (and rejected father) sending out shout outs to children he’s never seen, then it’s probably the fact that he doesn’t even know their names:

“Happy birthday, Maddox! Five years old. That’s a big one. Five years old. You’re getting to be a young man. I send my love to you and I send my love to, uh, Shakira and, uh, Sha-Sha-heera, is it Shee-ra, Shahira?”

Granted, Shiloh Nouvel isn’t a run-of-the-mill name and isn’t easy to pronounce, but if you’re going to be a creepy loser/former jigalo, maybe you should go to the trouble of remembering your grandchild’s name, what do you say John?