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Drew Barrymore has a bun in the oven.

Who knew? Suddenly I have been seeing photos of her walking around looking pregnant. Interesting. I wonder if this means that she is ready to settle down and tame her wild child ways. Her she is walking with her husband to be Will Kopelman.

In any case, let me take this opportunity to hate on a few words that are often associated with pregnancy. I seriously cannot stand the usage of ‘preggers’ or ‘baby bump’. WTF, and who the fuck would want to refer to their unborn child in this way? It’s disgustingly white trash-like to me, and I just shudder at the common usage of these terms in most celebrity gossip websites, on facebook, etc. Gross.

James Woods decline from the B-List

James WoodsJames Woods has long been a staple of the B-List celebrities, but he hasn’t been around in a while and I guess that he was worried about the decline in the availability of high quality Celebrity Groupie vagina, so he has been shopping around the tv production studios.

And so it is: James Woods is to star in CBS’s new lawyer show “Shark”. I think that hooking up with anything CBS is going to be like the kiss of death for Woods. Wave Goodbye to the B-List Woods. Say hello to the D-List.