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Kate Bosworth is dating a model

Kate Bosworth is living every man’s dream and is dating a model. Unfortunately the model isn’t female, but hey Kate Bosworth is not a guy, either.

After dumping Orlando Bloom — and that’s really what it was, let’s not kid ourselves; after starring in Superman Returns, she didn’t need his crappy half-acting ass to make celebrity news anymore — she moved on to the next himbo in the person of James Rousseau.

Rousseau is a fashion model who is making a big splash in the fashion industry (or so some insiders say). And soon he’ll be making a splash in acting, providing he’s not a total imbecile, and providing Bosworth is going to stop playing the field long enough to get him into a movie or 2.

So making his D-List debut, comes Bosworth’s himbo James Rousseau.