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Mila Kunis has a stalker

Some crazy SOB has taken it upon himself to elevate his stalking to the advanced crazy level. Mila Kunis now has to be on high alert, even at the gym. Apparently her stalker tried to get too close for comfort while Mila was at the gym, and this led to police action after a call was placed and the SOB in question was detained.

A serious WTF goes out to this dickhead. I understand the allure that celebrities hold, and the sort of god-like elevated status that they bring to the table. But to accost them while they are out and about trying to live their lives is disgusting, especially in such an intimate place as the gym. One goes to the gym not to be accosted or followed. Can you imagine doing your leg squats while having some douche follow your every move?

It’s one thing to ask for an autograph or to watch a celebrity while they are doing their job, at a press conference, at a movie premier, etc. But this is just insane. I kind of feel bad for celebrities when they have to go through this, though one might counter that their job entails that this might happen. Is it the price of fame, the unfortunate consequences of becoming a good/great actor, and earning (often) high sums of money?