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Jessica Simpson’s sweet smelling poo

You know that Jessica Simpson is a real star, when you even have to know the names of her assistants.

This is the case with Adrienne Sands, who according to Page Six, has been complaining to all her friends how much it sucks to be Jessica Simpson’s assistant.  Apparently the job is too menial for her and she doesn’t feel that her university degree is being put to good use wiping Jessica’s butt.

That’s Ok Adrienne, don’t worry about it, you won’t be around for long. I’m sure that after your complaints, Joe Simpson is going to cook up some particularly nasty little surprise about how to get you fired.

Maybe Joe will book a visit to Sea World and will push you into a tank of sharks. Or maybe he’ll stage a knife-throwing contest in his house and ask you to put an apple on your head. Or maybe he’ll just publically fire you in the most embarassing way possible.

If I were you Adrienne, after your comments, I would start looking for a new job right away. Don’t wait for that modern day Genghis Khan to strike.