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Alec Baldwin on Howard Stern

Howard sternAnother entry on Alec Baldwin. He was on the Howard Stern Show yestreday and spilled the beans about lots of interesting things. Howard always has the best interviews. Celebrities just let loose when they are on.

First, when asked about his idiot brother Stephen Baldwin, Alec insisted that his sibling’s religious conversion wasn’t a fake. Alec said that he himself believed that Stephen was a fake born-again Christian, but has since changed his mind. I continue to believe that Stephen Baldwin is just trying to climb the F-List up to at least E or hopefully D-List position.

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Alec Baldwin a real fatty

I saw The Departed over the weekend and I have to say: Alec Baldwin has become a real fatass. In high school, my English teacher confessed to me that Alec Baldwin was a real hottie, a heart-throb, a real man.

And, I mean, though I’m straight — I have to say he had that clean-cut image of Tom Cruise that helped him really score a first place in his then-wife’s (and then-hottie) heart.

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2 idiots: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

There are no divorces messier than those of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. There was much talk of lawsuits and counter-lawsuits a couple of years ago when they were divorcing and trying to iron out the custody issue.

But everything seemed to be settled until yesterday when Basinger was arraigned in court on charges that she broke the child custody agreement with Baldwin.

Among the allegations: she didn’t tell Baldwin when she would be out of town so that he could care for their daughter, she didn’t let Baldwin know when their daughter had some (unspecified) injuries — injuries that required medical help. Read More…