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This is way too much awesome for one picture

Is this really what beautiful is supposed to be? We have a disappearing rat-faced woman (aka Rachel Zoe), posing with a turbined gold encrusted supermodel (aka Karolina Kurkova). This photo gives me so many emotions, I am so confused and confounded by what I am seeing. I can appreciate this much try, and though it resounds in ultimate and total failure, I get where they were going with this so-called art.

Question: Is Karolina Kurkova a giant, or is Rachel Zoe a mouse?

Ashley Greene in a pretend wedding gown

Yes I just stated the obvious. Why is Ashley Greene even invited to the MET? Aside from some shitty vampire movies, has she been in anything else that required acting?

Is it just me, or has she become more of a toothpick than ever before? Ashley Greene is so tiny I could probably wrap my arms around this girl twice. This is not a compliment.

Kellan Lutz is a tool (nothing new)…

Look at this Oompa Loompa. How can anybody think this is a good look. From his hat to his mismatched tie/shirt/jacket combo. Has anyone ever thought of this man as good looking???

Diddy is Burger King’s bitch

I don’t know much about Diddy’s music, so I don’t know whether there’s anything to actually sell-out or whether anyone actually cares enough about Diddy’s music to think that he’s selling out or whether he’s all about selling out.

Either way, there’s a report that Diddy is being hired by Burger King to create an add campaign for the burger company on YouTube. Diddy is starting a channel on YouTube called “Diddy TV” where I assume he’s going to be taking it from behind by the Burger King mascot (whoever that may be).

Here’s what he actually said about the deal:

I’m having it my way on this album, and it’s been a great journey for me, so I’m grateful for partners like Burger King Corporation that are helping me bring a fresh sound to my fans… … They share my passion for being tastemakers and giving the people what they want.

Wow Diddy you are an all time Celebrity Whore! 4 plugs in 2 sentences. You should check into getting your VD shots very very soon.