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Sheryl Crow gets nekkid for John Mayer

Not completely nekkid. But nekkid enough. I guess the 2 are touring together, and in answer for a prank that Mayer pulled on her, on one of the concert days Sheryl came out wearing just a bikini.

And I have to say for a 50 year old she has an amazing body. Amazing! Like I mean it’s no Sienna Miller perfection, but it’s pretty damn good. You can see photos here (but beware there is adult material at this site).

The question is: why is Sheryl flashing her hoochie for him? Is it really just a harmless prank or is it perhaps that the Jessica Simpson rumours really are true and she’s trying to score some Jonh Mayer Poontang.

Either way, chicks seem to be taking stuff off left and right for this guy.