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Travis Barker still hanging out with Paris Hilton

I guess that Shanna Moakler wasn’t so wrong after all when she punched out Paris.

There are reports that Paris and Travis Barker have been seen chatting and hanging out all over LA. Travis has been a regular bitch in Paris Hilton’s entourage. All we need from him now is a little pink bow around his head and a few more tattoos to get that really grungy, dirty, STD-infested-but-still-cute look down. And he will be Paris Hilton’s new shadow.


More Paris Hilton knock-out details

According to new information (following on the heels of my earlier entry), Shanna Moakler struck Paris with a closed fist until she was restrained by bystanders, while Paris was ushered out.

Both Moakler and Hilton filed police reports. What was Moakler’s police report? She alleges that Hilton’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos poured a drink over her head and then pushed her down the stairs. The fight apparently started over the unconfirmed rumours of Hilton making out with Moakler husband Travis Barker (though Moakler seems to be separated from him or something).

Gossips also allege that Moakler left some kind of messages on Hilton’s machine.

Ooh cat fights 🙂 They are so very hot.

Martha Stewart spying on Rachel Ray

Is Martha Stewart feeling some heat because her crappy show is just too crapy to watch? I guess so because there are reports of 4 spies from the Martha Stewart Show trying to infiltrate Rachel Ray’s show to find out all those crazy scary secrets on the Rachel Ray show.

You want to know Rachel Ray’s secrets Martha? I’ll tell you them for free: she has personality (more personality than a kitchen cabinet anyways) and she’s not older than the Crypt Keeper. Thank you.