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Is Kristen Stewart still the best dressed?

Was she ever? What a horribly tacky outfit. What’s with the blocks of colour, the different fabrics, the shiny, pointy bodice. Why does this dress even exist? And what are those shoes? They look like pumps that have been tied to her feet with bandages. Is this the new hipster hospital chic?

And will this girl ever do something about her hair? I get that she has beautiful long brown hair, but does it always have to be the same? It looks like she rolled out of bed, forgot to wash her hair, and threw on some items that were lying around her bed. Everything about this screams “I know I am hot, and I can do whatever I want, so I wont even try”.

A Jonas brother gets a reality show, and young, sweet, sweet love

Oh swoon. Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are getting their own E! reality show. Oh sweet excitement. Apparently it will cover all those things we have been dying to learn about their young, puppy love. We will find out just how the young bride handles her new fame, being married to a pop ‘star’ and all.

Of course, it wont make the Jonas brothers or Kevin Jonas relevant. I am so, so excited to see what these two have to offer to the world. What could these two possibly have to share? Their eyebrow waxing secrets? Bible lessons on how to stay ‘pure’ until your wedding night? I am positively excited. Just look at that bow tie and all the possibilities it holds.

Borat banned in England

Well not Borat himself and not by England, but the Board of Guardians of British Jews banning Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who portrays Borat (among many others, including Ali G.). Their problem is with his constant portrayal of Kazachstan as a place where Jews are thrown down the well and where women are all prostitutes.  Cohen is banned from entering any UK synagogue for six months and he is slapped with a penalty of 9,200 pounds!

Talk about ridiculousness. I say to the board: how about you get a sense of humour you bunch of idiots.