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Kelly Clarkson the “fat nerd”

Ok ok… The quotations are mine. Well not really, actually there was this story in the tabloids today about Kelly Clarkson getting rid of her Mustang Convertible because she found out the that the pornstar Alana Evans had exactly the same colour pink as her. Alana Evans evidently wasn’t so pleased with the Clarkson’s evident derision and went on to say the following on Sirius’ Playboy Channel:

“It’s insulting because she doesn’t even know me. I thought, ‘What kind of American Idol is this?’ It’s funny because when Kelly had the car, some of my friends saw her and asked me, ‘Who was that fat brunette driving your car?’ “

So that’s where the part in the quotations come from. But seriously that is not really cool of Clarkson — I mean who is going to ever confuse her with a hot pornstar?