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Willie Nelson busted with over a pound of pot

Willie NelsonAre you surprised? I’m not. How can you be? The man invented pot. The man practically oozes pot out of his pores. You can roll the guy up in a carpet and smoke him for days and days and get high! They also found magic mushrooms on him. What an old bastard. Who does magic mushrooms anymore?

But that’s not the point. The point is that he only got a tickeT! A freaking ticket! They called it a misdemeanor offence! Misdemeanor! Can you believe it?? For over a pound of weed!

Not that I’m saying that people should go to jail for weed possession… I believe the damn thing should be legal, but when you recall that Tommy Chong had gone to jail for selling bongs for an entire year — this kind of shit really begins to make you angry! Well it makes me angry anyways.

What kind of a hypocrisy is America? You tell me.