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More of Sara Evans’ allegations

Craigh SchelskeJust another interesting thing about allegations from Sara Evans concerning her husband Schelske. (Following up on my earlier entry.)

According to divorce papers, Schelske is so addicted to porn that he had taken to browsing personal ads on Craig’s List for things like “three party sex” and “anal sex”. Divorce papers also allege that the man was caught by their eldest child watching pornography, and that he (again) has a pornography addiction and keeps 100s of pictures of himself in a naked and erect state.

So whatever, right? The man is just a fun-loving kind of guy, right? Who cares right? Well not quite, the man is an avid Republican. He even ran (unsuccessfully) for a bid at Congress as a Republican . You know.. The party that’s against all sorts of that kind of misconduct. Seems like the Republicans have been showing themselves as real hypocrites lately. The guy seems like a real douchebag, really he does.

You can even check out his website. I guess cause his bid for Congress failed, there’s nothing really up there except a donation page. He strikes me as very creepy indeed!

There are further details about allegations against Schelske here. I am finding myself firmly in Sara Evans’ camp. Not that she needs me there, but I am totally on her side.

Rosie O’Donnell finally back

I was beginning to worry that part of the agreement for getting Rosie on the view was giving the loudmouth a lobotomy. She has been so quiet the last couple of weeks, trying to please her dominatrix superior Barbara Walters, keep it on the down-low and not even scrapping at all with that Republican Groupie Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Well it was all over this week when she really got into it with Hasselbeck by claiming that none of the recent spate of violence would have happened if it would have happened if it had been for better gun control in the US. You can just hear Hasselbeck choking on Republican semen right there, can’t you? Check out the video of it below. It’s rather long, but you can catch her going off in that fun way that insane people tend to do: