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Stephen Baldwin is so uncool it hurts

Stephen Baldwin did an interview about his efforts to reach kids with a pro-Christianity message through the sponsorship and establishment of skateboarding and BMX events. These comments come as he promotes his new book about why he thinks he’s important and about how events have conspired to make him an F-List star.

There’s also a reality show coming about Stephen and his attempts to found his own ministry.

As well, Stephen attempts to climb the celebrity ladder by rating other celebs. He prays for Rosie O’Donell, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt (because the latter isn’t married to Angelina Jolie). Also he prays for Hillary Clinton — prays that she has more fun.

I don’t want to seem mean, but I pray that Stephen gets on a bit of the drugs again. Just maybe some light pot or magic mushrooms, because he really ought to stop trying so hard to be a celebrity and just get on with his life. Plant a tree Stephen. The Baldwin’s have enough money so that you can stop “working” and just relax a bit. Pursue your religion, by all means, just stop flaunting it like a transvestite prostitute with a new boob job. Oi.