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Paris Hilton punched out

Paris HiltonYep. She was punched out last night at the Hyde Lounge. I keep hearing the name of this place in reference to all the celebrities. It’s the pile of poo that brings the flies. The owner must be a very happy man indeed.

Yeah so, who punched out Paris? It was some chick I’ve never even heard of. Shanna Moakler. The police reports filed and all the gossips are saying that Moakler just came up to Hilton, swore at her for a few moments and then clocked her right in the face!

So what is the fight over? Supposedly, Moakler accused Hilton of having too many things to do with Moakler’s husband Travis Barker. Travis Barker is some rocker guy. All Z-List celebs of course.

Hilton had been seen together with Travis Barker, recently: making out. Or so the gossips say. Moakler is “estranged” from her husband (gossips again).

Shanna MoaklerThe interesting thing is that Moakler will probably become a celebrity in her own right after this incident. It’s a cool new way to get fame. Poo rubs off on you in all sorts of ways, I guess.

What makes Moakler famous, other than her marriage to Travis Barker? She was a Miss December 2001 for Playboy. And there were some beauty pageants too.

Look for Moakler to be in every magazine quite soon and on Dancing With the Stars in about 3 months.

Some other intersting facts: she has 3 kids. 2 by Barker, and 1 by boxer Oscar de la Hoya. She’s 31.

Nothing else to report.