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Donald Trump makes words of wisdom come out his ass

Donald Trump has spoken out on Paris Hilton:

Paris said she wants to build a brand just like Donald Trump. And I don’t know if she’s done it the same way but she is smart like a fox. People say, ‘Oh, she’s not smart, she’s not this, she’s not that.’ She’s done a very good job.

Donald Trump and Larry KingDonald who the f*ck are you kidding? Who? Not me. If a donkey said something nice about you, you would be on your knees pleasuring it orally. Give me a break you giant, toupe-ed, douchebag. Oh sorry. Those are glorified hair extensions, not a toupe. My bad.

What’s this picture about, you ask? That’s a picture of Larry King petting the wolverine that has woven its nest on Donald Trump’s head.

Tom Green is a Z-List celeb who seems to be slipping lower

Tom Green broke his leg the other day while filming a skateboarding stunt for his internet talk show. Tom, Tom, Tom. Do’nt you know that you are like 48 now? Skateboarding is not for you. Stop it. Your life as a shticky no-talent is over. You’re just a no-talent and a non-celeb at this point. Get a real job, come on. Stop torturing us.

And just in case this broken leg was a new level of shtick-stunts on Tom Green’s part, I have to say, Tom: get a life.

The name of Britney’s new baby

Sutton Pierce Federline. Why didn’t she just call it Hick McRedneck Federline? If you want your baby to wear a mullet, have no front teeth, and brush its hair with a shotgun when it grows up — the surest way to do it is by calling the new baby Sutton Pierce Federline.

Martha Stewart spying on Rachel Ray

Is Martha Stewart feeling some heat because her crappy show is just too crapy to watch? I guess so because there are reports of 4 spies from the Martha Stewart Show trying to infiltrate Rachel Ray’s show to find out all those crazy scary secrets on the Rachel Ray show.

You want to know Rachel Ray’s secrets Martha? I’ll tell you them for free: she has personality (more personality than a kitchen cabinet anyways) and she’s not older than the Crypt Keeper. Thank you.

Lindsay Lohan robbed

According to online bloggers, Lindsay Lohan has been robbed at Heathrow Airport in England! Her handbag was stolen, which happens to quite a few people. But not that many people total up the contents of their handbags into the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Hundreds of thousands is allegedly how much the handbag was worth in total. Lindsay Lohan continues and pleads for the return of the items which contained a sizable amount of jewellery in them.

Jack Nicholson is like 90 and still doing it

what it? well i dunno, but the new york post reported a few days ago that he was seen st. tropez (where the hell is that) having dinner/lunch with four young women! OoooOooh the cad (as George Takai would say)!!!

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