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John Travolta gay stuff

I haven’t really been paying attention to the John Travolta gay controversy, partly because who cares and partly because who didn’t know from those crazy gay movies with the finger snapping and the hair curling and the really tight jeans. Come the f*ck on!

However, all this was mere suspicion for all of us until the infamous pictures came out last week:

Gay Travolta kissing a guy

And THEN I stumbled on this wikipedia entry on Travolta, where it mentioned some very interesting things. 1) John Travolta was sued by a former Scientologist because he was promised that Scientology would change his sexual orientation (how wonderful is that?) and that Scientology was constantly citing Travolta as an example of a Sexual Orientation Conversion!! 2) Travolta’s marriage to Kelly Preston was rumoured to be a sham in 1982 after pornographer/director Paul Barresi claimed to have had a gay affair with Travolta (thought he claim was later retracted).

Anyways. What do we learn from all this? Scientology cannot “cure” homosexuality. Stop hiding Travolta and why don’t you give your friend Tom Cruise a call. Just to say hi that’s all.