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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker back on?

There is talk that Longoria has been sighted at the exhibition games of Parker’s basketball team and they have been seeen together. On or off, Longoria? On or off?

I’m not planning to date an attached woman. Don’t try to have your cake and eat it too.

Alec Baldwin on Howard Stern

Howard sternAnother entry on Alec Baldwin. He was on the Howard Stern Show yestreday and spilled the beans about lots of interesting things. Howard always has the best interviews. Celebrities just let loose when they are on.

First, when asked about his idiot brother Stephen Baldwin, Alec insisted that his sibling’s religious conversion wasn’t a fake. Alec said that he himself believed that Stephen was a fake born-again Christian, but has since changed his mind. I continue to believe that Stephen Baldwin is just trying to climb the F-List up to at least E or hopefully D-List position.

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Jennifer Aniston break up with Vaughan

US Magazine again reported this week the details of the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan break-up.

According to the mag, the break up happened approximately a month ago just before Vaughan left for England to work on a movie.

The magazine’s website makes many tantalizing allusions and referes to the hardcopy for details 😦 So, I guess we’ll have to read it to find out. I’ll wait for it to come out on the web, thank you.

Nicole Richie breaks up with Jenner

Brody Jenner that is! Of the Tennessee Jenners! No. Just kidding. I don’t know where he is from. I was just saying that in the style of the Beverly Hill Billies. You know? “Let me tell you a story about a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer … ” Etc.

What was I on about? Oh yes. Nicole Richie. The 80 pound, 1-inch-ankle, pain in the ass has broken up with Brody Jenner after 2 months of going out. US Magazine broke this story.

Eva Longoria single?

Eva Longoria black dressPeople reported yesterday that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split up. Because of distance they said. And that the break up was “amicable”.

Whatever. You didn’t need that bum, Eva. I’d like to propose my candidacy for your next boyfriend. My credentials? I’m a himbo just like every other man you dated. And if you support me financially, I can spend the rest of my days putting in 10 hours a day at the gym to turn my beer belly into a washboard stomach. Come on Eva. I am very motivated to become a celebrity’s himbo. I know what to do and how to act, and I will never ever write a book or talk to the media! Consider it, please.