Heidi Klum for Hunger TV showing off her toned body

Here’s Heidi Klum dialing up the sex for a music video that shows off her great 40 year old body that has given birth to 4 children. Yes I realize that she is a supermodel, but dang I should watch this as inspiration to get my butt of the couch and walk an extra 20 minutes in my workout later tonight.

I actually kind of enjoy this video. One thing I enjoy more, are the comments made by the mini-van majority on People.com about Heidi in this video. Apparently acting in videos, and being sexy at age 40 means that you are a bad mother. So grab some popcorn and have some fun reading the comment section filled with women that take their lives far too seriously.

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One response to “Heidi Klum for Hunger TV showing off her toned body”

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