Mark Wahlberg used to be hot.

Now he is an overstuffed meathead. I understand that he is like this for a movie role, but really. Is it just me, or has he lost his appeal over the past couple of years? If I wanted to fantasize about a man that looks like he has injected steroids, and spent 12 hours a day in the gym for the past year, I would you know, go down to my local gym. I don’t understand how one would think that this look is appealing. He looks like a doormat.

Note: This outrage is coming from a huge Mark Wahlberg fan, circa The Departed.


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One response to “Mark Wahlberg used to be hot.”

  1. J-o says :

    I don’t understand what he’s doing. Is this part of a movie? Or is he reinventing fashion?

    Those are some serious fishing boots and apron.

    I think that he’s re-inventing fashion.

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