Beyonce surrogate scandal continues

Before a baby Beyonce and Jay-Z graced us with its presence, it was suggested that Blue Ivy Carter was carried via surrogate. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, however, Beyonce and her family has vehemently denied these claims. Here is the video in question that led to this accusation (skip to the 0:56 sec mark):

You can’t deny how odd this video looks. What could have possibly created that effect? How is it possible for your belly to suddenly look ‘deflated’ and then sort of ‘reshape’ itself again. She did have an overall chub to match her so-called ‘pregnancy’, if that is what we are to believe that it was. Why would she lie about surrogacy if she did in fact choose that route? Why be ashamed? I don’t understand why this would be a problem. And this is why lying about it seems so odd.

Could admitting surrogacy possibly tarnish a carefully devised public image? Would this ruin a marketing strategy? If the public perceived her as not caring for the ‘most natural’ thing for a woman to undergo, would she lose the support of the mini-van majority? Who knows. What we do know, is that Beyonce has been deeply offended by the suggestion that she would create life via surrogate. Oh, what an offensive suggestion! How blasphemous that one would suggest that she would go down such a horrible route, let alone lie about it. Because celebrities have never lied before. Oh sure, it’s reasonable to occupy an entire wing of a hospital, run it like your own VIP section of a club, with bouncers and the like. But to suggest that you used a surrogate, is incredibly hurtful! How dare you/we!

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