Maggie Gyllenhaal disturbing

Maggie Gyllenhaal breast feedingHm. Well there are some pics on the net of Maggie Gyllenhaal breast feeding her kid in public. There are at least 3 things wrong with what she’s doing, can you tell what they are?


25 responses to “Maggie Gyllenhaal disturbing”

  1. celebfannette says :

    That’s stupid. What’s wrong with a woman breastfeeding her child? You were probably breastfeed back in the day, and maybe a little publicity for a good thing would be better than what young Hollywood represents today.

  2. Louise says :

    Well done Maggie, for giving you and your child the best chance in life!
    Breastfeeding isn’t just good for babies it is also reduces the risk of breast cancer and post natal depression for the mother.

    Breast milk, 100% natural, 100% free and 100% love.

  3. Sarahlouise says :

    totally good on her!
    this should be publicised!
    so many ‘stars’ these days are too up themselves and self absorbed to do anything resembling this in their own homes, nevermind in public.

  4. Deborah Stewart says :

    What is she doing wrong here???
    She is giving her baby life, love and nutrure!
    Thats at least 3 things RIGHT!!
    (plus all mentioned above)
    Its the only celebrity I know of that has breastfed her baby – and in public, What an absolute role model!!!
    You are a wonderful mother!
    And as they say – Breast is Best!!!

  5. John says :

    Absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding, in public or not. No one in the history of humanity has ever been harmed by seeing the human body without clothing. We’ve all got nipples, it’s not like anyone’s seeing anything new.

    Time to grow up.

  6. CM says :

    Good for Maggie! I hope she continues to nurse her baby as long as they both want to … Why does the media make it into this bad thing? Why can’t they portray it as something positive and a way to encourage and educate other women about the many many benefits of breastfeeding for the baby AND mom?

  7. lisa says :

    What ass said there was anything wrong with this? What she’s doing is wonderful. Who ever said that this was wrong must be a pervert without children. Trust me when you do have kids you’ll do anything you can to give them the best of everything.

  8. Thaddeus says :

    3 things wrong, eh?

    1. She’s not using a coaster.
    2. She’s hogging more than half of the bench.
    3. Uh, is the parking brake not on the stroller?

    That’s all I’ve got.

  9. ff25 says :

    in public? that is one nasty bitch!

  10. wine please says :

    Good for her!
    So what is she doing wrong, besides providing her child a meal?

  11. skullsprocket says :

    3 things wrong?
    I can only come up w/ 2.

    She’s not exposing the other gorgeous breast.
    She’s not having my babies.

  12. Kelly says :

    The three things aren’t listed becauase you can’t actually think of any. You’re just so jaded you can’t see when a woman is doing something right for her child, instead of neglecting them like Britney Spears. ALL women should be more like Maggie. Go breastmilk!

  13. Vick says :

    Thad had it almost right.

    1.) She isn’t using a coaster, but that’s not the problem. She’s drinking that Tang-like McDonald’s fake orange juice.

    2.) Who cares how much of the bench she’s taking up…we’ll come back to this one.

    3.) It isn’t the parking brake that’s the issue with the stroller, it’s the fact that she put her bag on the stroller handles, making it easily tipped.


    #2 should be: She isn’t breastfeeding me with her left breast.

    Anyone who has issues with any woman breastfeeding in public, celeb or not, needs to have a long chat with their mental health professional.

  14. Cashy says :

    Go Maggie,
    Just proves the press have nothing better to do, im sure some million other pregant women are doing the same thing everyday.

    Good luck Maggie, we love ya.

  15. Orchid says :

    I can not see anything she’s doing wrong. I’d gladly sit next to her and nurse my baby! She is providing her child with food, comfort, love, and they just happen to be in public. Big deal. I agree with John, it’s time we all grew up.

  16. Amy says :

    Well done Maggie this is fab!! People need to learn that women’s breasts are for US and our BABIES, not for men to ogle! I hate it when I hear about people being told off for breastfeeding, most of the time for stupid reasons like ‘I hate the noise and the smell’. I’m a student midwife and have helped loads of women to breastfeed, and neither is true! Just coz you can’t masturbate to a pic like this (well you could, but then I’d be worried).

  17. macy says :

    yeah, breast feeding should be totally acceptable in public because its perfectly natural
    but before you take my opinion to heart you should probably know im a nudist and believe that being naked should be totally acceptable in public
    i also smoke alot of pot so that doesnt help either

  18. Matt says :

    But no-one’s mentioned what a cunt the photographer is. Fucking low-life scum.

  19. Roger says :

    I probably would have crashed my car into a utility pole if I were driving down the street….or at least (if I was walking) tripped over something.

  20. God says :

    Well, the sexy Maggie Gyllenhaal has taken a good, healthy, natural thing (breast feeding an infant) and put it out of place – out of the home and into public making it a sick sexual show by an obvioulsly (by the act itself) sick, twisted, immoral and unsafe person (probably, therefore, a liberal and a democrat). What a pervet. Now, if she had to breast feed in public, if she had simply used some sense and social mores and just gone to a secluded and withdrawn area and faced away from others and covered herself then she would have shown some respect – for others, for women, for mothers, for men, for husbands, for children, for her baby, for herself!

  21. Trav says :

    Fuck, I’m blind.

  22. Nicole says :

    Breast feeding is natural, but flopping out a naked tit in public for any reason is not acceptable.

    Just because the tit is being used to feed a baby does not mean I want to see it, neither the tit nor the baby sucking on it!

    Throw a blanket over that please. What’s so hard and limiting about that?? That allows everyone to feel comfortable in any setting. Isn’t that better than pushing people and making them look at something they do not want to?

  23. Papi says :

    why this just begs for everyone to be paparazzi. quick, grab your cell cam, go right up, toe to toe, and snap away. get great shots of the teat and that nipple being pulled, then tell her, thanks, i’m gonna go to the bathroom and masterbate now.

  24. Nikkie says :

    Why shouldn’t women be able to do this in public? It’s totally natural! I don’t see people bitching about men walking around the beach without a shirt on. And what about little 14 year old sluts who walk around with barely any clothes on? But this Mother can’t feed her child in public? Breast are for feeding, you fucking idiots. She has every right to feed her baby anywhere she wants and why should she care what you’re comfortable with? If you don’t like it then don’t look. And stop teaching your children that breasts are a sexual thing. YOU are the perverts!!!

  25. Mike says :

    “It’s totally natural”….so is taking a dump, but I don’t want to watch people doing it.

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