Jessica Simpson speaks out on divorce with Nick Lachey

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson spoke to People magazine earlier this week about her breakup with Lachey. It turns out that the reason she got divorced it’s because she was TOO charitable and he wasn’t charitable enough.

Apparently, on a trip to Kenya (during which Nick stayed home) she realized that she needed to go it alone. I guess she didn’t find Nick Lachey charitable enough. And sure in that blonde bimbo’s mind she’s probably Mother Teresa, but you know what she went to Kenya for? She went there as part ofOperation Smile! An organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery! Plastic surgery! Can you imagine?

Plastic surgery! Now before you go off on me, I realize that there are probably disfigured and maimed children that might need work like that. So of course the charity is above board, but think about the mindset of Idiot Jessica Simpson when she picks THAT charity above any other to work for! Like how shallow do you have to be, to go and hand out gifts to children and put your time in with this organization when there are millions of starving children in Africa! And how about spending a buck or two to help them?

Maybe we can now understand why Nick Lachey chose not to go with that idiot on her “trip of charity”. Maybe he didn’t want to be labeled the shallow idiot that Jessica Simpson is for going on a trip to save children via cosmetic surgery!

As it stood, she went with her hairdresser and father Joe Simpson, where I’m sure that piece of work took the time to really lambast Nick Lachey. Because I think that I can say with a high degree of accuracy that the puppeteer in that creepy little drama was none other than Joe Simpson.

My point is: we all saw that horrible reality show that you starred in with Lachey, Jessica. And I have to say don’t kid yourself! If anyone dumped anyone, he dumped you you giant loser you!

Here’s my advice: dump your creepy leech of a father, cut your hair short, roll up your sleeves, and really freaking go to Africa! And really help people there! How about you sacrifice a million or two and save a village  or twenty from starvation? Huh? You vapid jack-in-the-box-philosopher-celebrity!

12 responses to “Jessica Simpson speaks out on divorce with Nick Lachey”

  1. Moxy says :

    That was a little harsh. Atleast she did SOMETHING.

  2. celebfan says :

    I guess. But usually charitable people don’t rub it in the face of other people. She makes such a big deal of this trip. She’s saying that she realized that Lachey wasn’t for her cause he didn’t go on her great child-saving mission to bring nose jobs to starving kids in Africa!

  3. someone says :

    I think it’s pretty rude that your saying this mean stuff about Jessica Simpson. YOU’RE the idiots.. who talks about her like this. I mean really can’t you have some respect.. or are you that shallow. It’s not like she calimed to you she was going to Africa for the children so stop acting like know it all’s and saying this garbage about her. Personally shes a well repsected person and should be treated with some respect too.
    Thank you very much

  4. someone says :

    ok I have MORE to say because i just finished reading all of this. What gave you the nerve to say this? Are you trying to be funny or something because the only people that are laughing are laughing at you and how pathetic you are. Why are you saying this about her??? And the TV show was great so don’t talk garbage about that either. And she’s not going to take your advice because it’s a peice of crud that know one would ever listen to except your-selves so i think you should stop wasting you life talking garbage about celebs. and move on.
    Thank a million !

  5. lala says :

    you are all just jelous and have nothing better to do than say stupid stuff about perfectly nice people so get a life and stop ruining others.

  6. you guyz are goofy fucks says :


  7. Mumma Bear says :

    I just want to say everyone deserves to be respected, whether you are black, white, yellow or green. Ok so Jessica Simpson picked that charity to work for. C’mon she’s young woman, maybe when she’s in her 50’s, then she probably will get down and dirty with charity work. And as much as I love the kids in Africa and all the kids around the world that are starving, I have a solution. Perhaps the women should all have operations to stop becoming pregnant??? It’s not Jessica’s fault that there are starving children all around the world. Thank you people. Have a nice day. And God bless you all.

  8. Brandon says :

    I read your bulletin and I had to respond, because your words are just as ignorant as you say Jessica’s ability to choose a good charity. First off Nick went on National television and confessed she was the one who filed for devorce, get your facts straight. Secondly, I feel it’s funny how some one who doesn’t even make half the money she does could advise her on how to spend it. It makes sence for her to be angry at Nick because, if she is willing to donate money for something she believes in, he should be right there beside her for support. I also think its funny how you could say he didn’t want to be labled as a shallow idiot, I don’t know how shallow you could be not to support your wife, because you care what other people might think of you. Lastly the plastic surgery was for the reconstruction of every day basic functions, not to make people into walking barbies, have you ever thought of those born with disabilities?

  9. kate says :

    This is completely idiotic. I am a physician who has worked with operation smile while I was a medical student. Operation smile is a completely legitimate, respectable and wonderful charity that helps children with facial malformations including cleft lips and cleft palates. These conditions can definitely affect feeding, speech, ear disease and socialization. It is NOT shallow to participate in something like this. These children suffer like any other children and need our attention. You should educate yourself before making such ridiculous statements.

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