Isaiah Washington temper tantrums (might get fired)

Isaiah WashingtonIt’s funny, because once you’ve choked and threatened someone on the set of a famous TV show, you can’t seem to get a break. More stuff has been coming out lately about Isaiah Washington’s (apparently) notorious temper, since the incident on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

There are reports that there was an incident during the shooting of a tv show for showtime (5 years ago), Dempsey grabbed the actress on whom he was supposed to plant a superficial kiss, and basically put his entire tongue in her mouth. When the actress protested, he harangued and attacked her verbally, and when the executive producer came to her aid, Washington totally flipped out on her too.

Then 9 years ago there are rumours that at the taping of another tv show (on which he was a guest actor!), Washington got into a fisticuffs with a crew member. The fight was serious enough to attract the attention of police!

Maybe Washington is sad that he always has to star in crummy tv shows and tv movies. Maybe he wants a better life for himself in Hollywood, sipping Pina Coladas and choking Lindsay Lohan. Well you won’t get it this way, Isaiah.

Now there are rumours floating about that Grey’s Anatomy’s producers are fishing around for someone else to take Isaiah Washington’s role. They want to fire the actor as quickly as possible.

What is this? A man can’t choke and threaten anyone anymore without seeing consequences 😦 I was considering going to work tomorrow and choking my boss a little, but now at least this Isaiah Washington incident has taught me how to behave. Who says that celebrities are good for nothing?

6 responses to “Isaiah Washington temper tantrums (might get fired)”

  1. B.J. Craig says :

    I feel as though Washington was totally out of line, and his latest statements demonstrates that. Although I do not agree with alternate lifestyles, I do agree that people should be allowed to pursue them without any repercussion or ridicule. My advice is to replace him with Blair Underwood and watch the ratings continue to soar!!

  2. Willyne Rouse says :

    Isaiah Washington was out of line and he should be reprimanded for his actions, but I do not think he should be fired. I would suggest that he attends anger manager, maybe there are some issues within he may need to deal with.

  3. emily says :

    hey ummm i think washington was totaly rite im come on! people reality check

  4. David Portela says :

    “Dempsey grabbed the actress on whom he was supposed to plant a superficial kiss”…shouldn’t that be “Washington?”

  5. Rick Seitz says :

    I thought Isaiah Washington was supposed to be a basketball player

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