Craig Schelske fires back at Sara Evans

Sara Evans performingA couple of days after Sara Evans came out with allegations about Craig Schelske’s weirdness and alleged perversities, Schelske has himself come out to publically proclaim his innocence.

He claims that he’s not the perv that everyone thinks he is and that the times that Evans alleges he was watching pornography, it was a mutual session with his wife being present the whole time.

Basically he’s saying that his wife approved of all his activities and whole heartedly participated in them. For instance, he doesn’t deny that there are hundreds of pictures of him in a state of arousal, but that it was his wife that took this pictures!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight! Sure Craig! Whatever you say! I don’t believe him for one reason and one reason only: women hate porn. Women don’t watch it. Women participate in it, watch it, consume it at the instigation of men! There is not one woman in the world that is so consumed with penises that she will take hundreds of pictures of her husband in a state of arousal. Even Angelina Jolie isn’t running after Brad Pitt trying to take pictures of him without his bath towel on!

There is no way that Sara Evans was running after her husband, trying to undress him so that she could take pictures of his arousal. The only people so consumed with penises are the owners of those penises — men! I know, because I am one!

Schelske gets creepier and creepier with every minute and every new thing he says and every new statement he issues. I’m really getting douche chills here.

6 responses to “Craig Schelske fires back at Sara Evans”

  1. sheri says :

    dont speak for all of us wemon some of us enjoy watching porn with our husbands..

  2. nashcat says :

    all above is true except that she acts like she didn’t know, dirty lil swinger

  3. Bobby says :

    I find it odd that she is getting re-married so quickly.

  4. sevenchange says :

    she’s needy

  5. samanthaross20 says :

    I agree she got married to quickly. She had him on the side line. And porn. I watch porn with my man. She knows she did not want her husband any more. So making up soming was the best thing for her.

  6. why_is_the_rum_gone? says :

    if you are a man you are gay. get a life

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