Wesley Snipes is a criminal

Wesley SnipesAllegedly he is a criminal. But you know who’s doing the alleging? The US Attorney’s office.

What are the allegations? He didn’t file tax returns! Now this is real fun! He is accused of failing to pay $12 million in taxes!!!

The question is where does a D-Lister like Wesley Snipes get $12 million? In the warrant against Snipes, it is stated that he fraudulently filed for tax returns for 2 years and then failed to file any taxes for 7 years! That’s not all: one year (the fraudulent one) he filed for a refund of over $7 million!!!!

My question is: where the hell does Wesley Snipes get that kind of money, huh? I mean, it’s not like he’s Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise. It’s not like he has been in good movies. I thought that they may have made him pay for that movie about police on the New York subway.. But no! He seems to be rich! Incredibly rich.

But what a cheap bastard. You have so much money, I know that you want to buy yourself another jet, but why not just pay your taxes and go on enjoying the lifestyle you have? Maybe you’ll buy the jet next year you shnurer.

As it is now, Wesley can wave goodbye to everything he’s ever had. However, he is pretty rich and he’ll be able to buy himself all sorts of greasy lawyers to get him off the hook. However, I really don’t think that he’ll be getting off easily on this one.

Apparently he can’t be found either. Wouldn’t it be great if he was holed up in Dubai with Michael Jackson with some crazy sheikh who happens to be a fan of Blade or something? That would be awesome. I can’t wait to see how this story turns out 🙂

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