Sara Evans nasty divorce

Sara EvansEew. I don’t know what’s happening, but the public divorce of Sara Evans from her husband of 13 years, Craig Schelske, has just gotten messier.

Evans is doing interviews and so is Schelske.

Evans has claimed that her husband was unfaithful (with their kids’ nanny) and is addicted to pornography (including a stash of pictures of himself in a state of arousal).

In his turn, Schelske has accused Evans of cheating on him with various celebrities. He has named Kenny Chesney with whom she toured as a singer, her current Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani, and others.

Both (soon to be ex-) husband and wife cite their public scumbag behavior as a desire to protect their children. Can you imagine that? Hey scumbags! I have news for you: you could protect your children better, by throwing them down a well you douchebags.

How embarassing it is to have parents with even a modicum of fame. I’m so glad my parents are both janitors. I’m really thankful.

Tony Dovolani:
Tony Dovolani is a tanned freak

Kenny Chesney:

Kenny Chesney

3 responses to “Sara Evans nasty divorce”

  1. divorcee says :

    This is just very awful. I would agree with you that saying bad things about your stbx is not a way to protect the children. You are simply putting them to shame. Why can’t they just settle it quitely and whatever issues they have for each other should not go into public. In this way, they can surely protect the welfare of their children and family.

  2. cordre says :

    any alimony and marital property settlement

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