More Wesley Snipes drama

Details of Wesley Snipes’ warrant are coming out.

He is facing up to about 16 years for tax evasion (or something like that). Apparently he hooked up with an accountant’s office that sold fraudulent income tax filing schemes.

There were two co-accused named along with Snipes, one of whom has already turned hiimself in.

2 responses to “More Wesley Snipes drama”

  1. Dan Owens says :

    Snipes is a smart man, a fool, but a smart man. Why he would involve himself with these charlatains, is beyond my understanding. These “Constitutional” tax accountants have been around for years preaching that the constitution prohibits the government from collecting taxes on monies earned on its’ own soil. And people have been going to jail just as long as the sermon has been given, over and over again. When are we going to learn that we must pay taxes. Take the legit diductions and forget the rest. Pay the &^$%#^ taxes. We owe it to ourselves.

  2. celebfan says :

    I’m telling you he needed an extra jet. And more coffee tables from which to do coke off of. I mean. Not that he does coke. But just in case he will ever need to do coke.

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