Heather Mills divorce allegations

Heather MillsThis is the week of messy celebrity divorces it seems. Now it’s Heather Mills vs. Paul McCartney. A British newspaper has published a transcript of Mills’ allegations against McCartney.

Among the allegations:

The petitioner has behaved in a vindictive, punitive manner towards the respondent, on occasion thereby exposing her to risk.

What the hell kind of joke courtroom are they in? I mean if I was the judge I’d be like: “listen, you are going to be a millionaire, do you really need to take this further? Why don’t you just quit while you’re ahead and don’t embarass yourself, Millsy?”

Vindictive? Punitive? He’s a human being. He can be allowed to be “vindictive” and “punitive” from time to time. Like she never had her period or was never in a bad mood or never yelled at him. Just cause he’s Paul McCartney he’s supposed to be held to some kind of higher standard? He’s not a saint, you moron! But that’s not all…

On 12 May 2003 when the petitioner and the respondent were in a hotel in Rome and the respondent was four weeks pregnant, the petitioner behaved coldly and with indifference towards the respondent who was distressed by a derogatory newspaper article about her.

What the f*cking hell is happening here? ??!? I am speechless on this point. NOTHING TO SAY! NOTHING AT ALL! He was cold and distant?! What’s wrong with this judge? Is he on Zoloft? Is he doing Sudoku with headphones on? Why isn’t there a judge’s hammer coming down on Heather Mills’ head and why doesn’t the transcript end with the sound “URK” as she receives her concussion?! Why doesn’t he take that petition, hork a big loogie in it, and then throw it right back in her face or the face of the lawyer who thought that this was a good money making proposition?

On the same occasion, and following the concert, in a fit of pique because the respondent refused to go to the after-show party and instead dined privately at a restaurant with her sister and her personal female bodyguard, the petitioner directed the female bodyguard to abandon the respondent, leaving her exposed to the attentions of the hordes of fans (500,000 attending a free concert) in Rome at that time. At the end of the meal, the respondent was forced to take a 30-minute walk back to the hotel, no taxi being available and the car driven by the female bodyguard having been withdrawn from her use by the petitioner.

Paul McCartneyBoo mother f*cking hoo! You had to walk 30 minutes?! Can you imagine how spoiled this pathetic woman is that she is complaining about having to walk because she couldn’t wait for a taxi, in the absence of a hired car?? If McCartney is guilty of anything, it’s spoiling her, and not sighing a pre-nuptial agreement.

There are many more allegations. Some more serious than the ones I mentioned, so I don’t want you to think that I’m just putting in the stuff I want. But how are statements like this allowed?

McCartney gave Mills a life of luxury and excess and in return he may have been a little unreasonable. From the transcript, you get this feeling that she expected him to be Christ Down From His Cross. So he got petulant. So he got angry. So he screamed a little at her. Who doesn’t do that? I bet you she did her fair share of screaming at him. If her statements are to be a proof of anything, it should be of how unreasonable, angry, and petulant she is. The transcript makes me angry.

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