Sara Evans quits Dancing With the Stars

Sara EvansSara Evans announced the other day that she is quitting the show and then on Thursday filed divorce papers from her husband.  The divorce papers mentioned that the husband excessively watched pornography in couple’s home. What’s a man supposed to do Sara, when you’re out gallabanting around with a professional dancer (Tony Dovolani) with bleached teeth and a Douchebag Tan who may or MAY NOT be gay.

2 responses to “Sara Evans quits Dancing With the Stars”

  1. asdf says :

    Tony is HAPPILY married and had a 1 year old girl; he is NOT gay and would NOT cheat on his wife!

  2. celebfan says :

    See, what you’re doing here is mixing fax with supposition.

    That he is married is an establishable fact: there’s probably a marriage license to prove it. His 1 year old girl is also an establishable fact: there’s a birth certificate around, probably.

    But his “happy marriage”, his not being gay, and your absolute statement about faithfulness to his wife, are only suppositions.

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