Grey’s Anatomy brawl update

T. R. Knight on set of Grey's AnatomyLike I said previously: Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey are 2 stupid yentas bored with life and looking to knock scrotums together, because this how they think normal people live their lives.

According to the National Enquirer (and other sources), the fight broke out over Isaiah Washington’s problem with certain cast members being constantly late on the set. It seems that Washington said something to one of the cast members (T. R. Knight) about their lateness, which is when Dempsey told him to pick on someone his own size.

So Washington shoved Dempsey around a bit and then grabbed him into a choke hold. When T. R. Knight screamed at them to break it up, Washington stormed off the set to his trailer (but not without calling Knight a bitch). The crew waited around for an hour waiting for shooting to resume and Washington to come out of his trailer.

Well la-dee-daa! Get a life you idiots!

2 responses to “Grey’s Anatomy brawl update”

  1. emily says :

    Isaiah washington sucks!
    he has no right to threaten Dempsey or make fun of T.R. Knight. both characters have a much better role washington anyway. he is just jealous that everyone loves George and Dr. McDreamy and no one really cares about Burke. He needs to get over himself!!!! this is why people think that rich people are just snobs who think that they are better than everyone else when in reality, not all famous people are truly like that. Unless you know them, you cannot difinitively say, but incidences like this give famous people a bad name. I think they should get rid of Burke, i never liked him anyway. i would choose George over Burke on the show anyday.

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