Alec Baldwin on Howard Stern

Howard sternAnother entry on Alec Baldwin. He was on the Howard Stern Show yestreday and spilled the beans about lots of interesting things. Howard always has the best interviews. Celebrities just let loose when they are on.

First, when asked about his idiot brother Stephen Baldwin, Alec insisted that his sibling’s religious conversion wasn’t a fake. Alec said that he himself believed that Stephen was a fake born-again Christian, but has since changed his mind. I continue to believe that Stephen Baldwin is just trying to climb the F-List up to at least E or hopefully D-List position.

Then Howard asked Baldwin about his temper. I didn’t know that Alec has some kind of temper tantrum problem. But if Howard Stern was asking about it, you can bet that it’s true. However, Baldwin denied this too, saying that an actor couldn’t last very long in the movie industry with a bad temper.

Then came the real questions regarding Baldwin’s divorce with Kim Basinger. And to his credit, Baldwin didn’t hold very much back. Basically he said that marriage is a crazy institution when you consider divorce. He bragged about knowing everything about divorce referring to the messy custody battles he’s been having with his wife. He made no excuse about filing a contempt of court motion against Basinger and said that he wishes her all the best, but will fight her to the death. Fabulous guy, huh?

Stern even enquired about the new woman in Baldwin’s life. Baldwin gave Stern a phone number to call and Stern spoke to some lawyer named Nicole who said that she was currently with Baldwin, but refused to give any specifics as to their love life.

Another thing I didn’t know: Stern referred to rumours regarding a supposed feud between Jack Nicholson and Baldwin on the set of The Departed. Apparently since Nicholson is a big friend to Kim Basinger, he didn’t want to have anything to do with Alec Baldwin on or off the set. However, Baldwin denied this rumour and said that they were friendly.

Another interesting tid bit involved a story Baldwin told about his earlier life as a Hollywood Heart Throb and the numerous sexual propositions he got from gay men in Hollywood. He said that he never took anyone up on their offers.

All in all, a rather interesting interview. It’s nice to see that Alec Baldwin can act like a real person and can just mingle with someone like Howard Stern who is not afraid to ask the honest questions.

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  1. Supreme says :

    Alec Baldwin is Jesus

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