Alec Baldwin a real fatty

I saw The Departed over the weekend and I have to say: Alec Baldwin has become a real fatass. In high school, my English teacher confessed to me that Alec Baldwin was a real hottie, a heart-throb, a real man.

And, I mean, though I’m straight — I have to say he had that clean-cut image of Tom Cruise that helped him really score a first place in his then-wife’s (and then-hottie) heart.

But time doesn’t just ravage the face of cliffs, trees, and Robert Redford. Alec Baldwin hasn’t really wizened, he’s just let himself go. The man is easily 40 pounds overweight and though he’s like 70 now, that is no excuse to be fat (unless you’re me)! He’s a celebrity for crying out loud! He gets PAID to ge good looking! That is his job. The man is really being an asshole about this.

Here are 2 before and after pictures:

Young Alec Baldwinvs. Fat Alec Baldwin

Check out that awesome chin action on the after picture.

13 responses to “Alec Baldwin a real fatty”

  1. Russ says :

    You’re right…it’s a real shame he’s let himself go. It must run in the family, because his brother Stephen looks pretty bad too. BTW he was born in 1958 which makes him 49 this year.

  2. Dorran Sampson says :

    I just listened to the voice mail that Alec Baldwin left for his 11 year old daughter. I have never heard a man verbally abuse a daughter like that in my life. I am a divorced father with an 11 year old daughter. Despite my feelings and emotions, I have never called my daughter names or sworn at her. I can hardly imagine what scars are going to remain with that little girl forever. I don’t blame her for not taking her dad’s calls! Who would want to listen to that kind of trash? The core of this human is pure evil. Alec, grow up! You are truly a FAT ASS!!!

  3. CininOR says :

    I have an ex-husband who has done the same thing to my now almost 17 year old daughter…she has not spoken to him for over a year. I doubt she ever will. He has screamed at her when she was trapped in his vehicle, screamed at her on the phone, left ugly messages etc. He has even spred false rumors about her in the community to justify why she won’t speak to him. No surprise, his relationship with his children is completely the fault of “your bitch of a mother”.

    Men like Alec and my ex-husband Joe are cowards who only show their true self to helpless children. They snap when they lose control of their wives then continue the same behavior twards their children. They blame their relationships on the ex-wives, never giving the child credit of having a “brain” (as Alec stated to his child) to think for themselves.

    Make no mistake, a child would never refuse a relationship with a good and loving father, no ex-wife could “turn” a child against a good and loving father.

    I will never again watch anything this man puts out, he is trash.

  4. Vas says :

    He is still hottt!!!

  5. Itjustaintso says :

    I think he looks better now than before! Just because someone is fat doesn’t mean they’re ugly.

  6. carlo says :

    his voicemail to his 11 yo was no big deal. so he was mad (rightfully so if u followed the story behind it) and he called her names. you live in a fantasy world of lollipops and rainbows if you think most parents dont talk to their kids like that sometimes. he was pretty tame really. you politically correct people are gonna trip over your own critical lives and flop before everyone when you FINALLY discover you are full of faults just like the rest of us. your self righteous moaning is childish.

    and he is hot

  7. Don says :

    I love Alec, but his troubles with his family must have caused him so much distress so as to have caused him to overeat in order to counteract all the turmoil that’s got to have affected him negatively. However, although his detractors abound, I think he’s mellowed from an angry curmudgeon into a rather amusing and friendly “loveable” type. I think he’s an extremely talented actor and I cringe when I hear his critics make mud of his name. I do wish, though, he’d go on a crash diet, albeit not one as radical as Laird Cregar’s. I miss that harder edge and that mafiosa look he used to have. WHen he was younger he looked almost identical to Nicky Scarfo’s lietenant, Phil Leonetti., but don’t look to photos of Leonetti. He was Alec’s double only in person.

  8. Lisa says :

    Damn Straight! Alec of the 80s, is long gone. The Millenium does not look good on him.

  9. don says :

    Yes I do beliece itt.

  10. loopmob says :

    Great read! thx

  11. Will says :

    He didnt really get fat, he just got wide. Like his bones physically got bigger.
    Piece of S*&%

  12. Brewchief says :

    Makes you think twice about the benefits of vegetarianism. It hasn’t exactly helped Alec shed the pounds.

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