Donald Trump makes words of wisdom come out his ass

Donald Trump has spoken out on Paris Hilton:

Paris said she wants to build a brand just like Donald Trump. And I don’t know if she’s done it the same way but she is smart like a fox. People say, ‘Oh, she’s not smart, she’s not this, she’s not that.’ She’s done a very good job.

Donald Trump and Larry KingDonald who the f*ck are you kidding? Who? Not me. If a donkey said something nice about you, you would be on your knees pleasuring it orally. Give me a break you giant, toupe-ed, douchebag. Oh sorry. Those are glorified hair extensions, not a toupe. My bad.

What’s this picture about, you ask? That’s a picture of Larry King petting the wolverine that has woven its nest on Donald Trump’s head.


4 responses to “Donald Trump makes words of wisdom come out his ass”

  1. Kay says :

    It’s true, Paris’ brand resembles that of the donkey crap that is stuck to Donald’s ass.

  2. Wenchypoo says :

    It just sickens me that The Donald has sunk to such new lows as rolling in the muck with *gaaack* Robert Kiyosaki *retch!*, who is nothing more than an overblown Amway salesman–he never had a real estate empire, and he never even HAD a rich dad! His own dad was rich enough–a district superintendent making around $100k yearly. I guess the real estate market turning was more than The Donald could take, and his empire needed a capital fix via TV shows and books with slimy creatures: Kiyosaki, Sheets, etc.

    For more info on fake real estate gurus, go to and click on names that jump out at you–God knows there’ll be lots to choose from!

    About the hair: that stuff in the front is REAL, and the rest behind it is fake–he grows it long and uses it to comb over the bald stuff behind it. That’s why it’s so long.

  3. Satan_Loves_YOU says :

    Donald Trump on WWE Raw… Could it really be him? Vince is going to make mincemeat out of Donald’s Hair…

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