Trump Vodka making its debut

Donald Trump has unveiled his own brand of vodka, having this to say about the brew:

Trump Vodka will be a major player in the vodka arena – it’s a superb product and it’s beautifully packaged…

Have some shame Donald. If it’s not shame for such shameless self-promotion then at least shame for selling anything with a scent of your own brewed sweat and semen. At least that is what it must be brewed from, since how else can you get the essence of the Donald into every bottle?


2 responses to “Trump Vodka making its debut”

  1. Holla says :

    Mr. Trump dosn’t drink Vodka, and he dosn’t even drink alcohol. He gave up drinking over 20 years ago. He said this on air when he was on “The Big Idea” with donny deutsch show, 2 months ago.

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