Diddy is Burger King’s bitch

I don’t know much about Diddy’s music, so I don’t know whether there’s anything to actually sell-out or whether anyone actually cares enough about Diddy’s music to think that he’s selling out or whether he’s all about selling out.

Either way, there’s a report that Diddy is being hired by Burger King to create an add campaign for the burger company on YouTube. Diddy is starting a channel on YouTube called “Diddy TV” where I assume he’s going to be taking it from behind by the Burger King mascot (whoever that may be).

Here’s what he actually said about the deal:

I’m having it my way on this album, and it’s been a great journey for me, so I’m grateful for partners like Burger King Corporation that are helping me bring a fresh sound to my fans… … They share my passion for being tastemakers and giving the people what they want.

Wow Diddy you are an all time Celebrity Whore! 4 plugs in 2 sentences. You should check into getting your VD shots very very soon.

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